Fleet of Worlds

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The Fleet of Worlds is a group of planets home to the Pierson’s Puppeteer race from the “Ringworld” novel. It includes their main homeworld, Hearth, with a population of a trillion Puppeteers, and four farming worlds to feed them all. They are all equally sized and organized into a Klemperer Rosette.

When the Puppeteers learned that the Galactic core was exploding and would eventually destroy them, they decided to flee the galaxy — and take their planets with them. Using technology from the mysterious Outsiders they are able to move their planets at 80% of light speed to their ultimate goal of the Lesser Magellanic Cloud which will take about 85,000 years. Puppeteers are fanatically devoted to their own safety and considered using starships to be far too dangerous.

Since they cannot take a star with them, a string of artificial suns orbit the farm worlds while the main world produces enough heat and light on its own to not need a sun.

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